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With over 1000 members across our 28 chapters, the Alabama Federation of Republican Women is the leading auxiliary group in Alabama Reublican Party. As we continue to grow, we have stayed true to our one true mission: to promote conservative values and elect qualified Republican candidates.

Family values, individual initiative, limited government, low taxes, free enterprise, fiscal responsibility, honest and accountable governmentare not only values that our members believe in , but values that every patriotic American has. Ourgoal is to foster the principlesof America's founding fathers and to elect Republicans that share our values and goals.




Who We Are
History of AFRW


The Alabama Federation of Republican Women was incubated in the mind of Mary Ellen Miller. Mary Ellen Miller moved from Oklahoma to Mobile Alabama in 1955. She had been a member of the Young Republicans in OK. When she asked about republican organizations in Mobile she was told there was only a Republican Executive Committee whose sole purpose was to recommend Republicans for federal office.  Mary Ellen then set about establishing the Mobile Republican Women’s Club, along with the women volunteers in the 1956 Eisenhower campaign headquarters.

Mary Ellen and Miss Olive Spann traveled the state speaking to any woman’s group interested in politics. The Mobile Republican Women’s group began to prosper and helped start other Republican clubs in Mobile. She was also invited to join the Mobile County Executive Committee. This committee had full control over delegates selected to attend the National Convention. Mary Ellen was urged to become a delegate to the Republican National Convention. Her attendance at this convention was to become important to the founding of the Alabama Federation of Republican Women.

At the convention, Mary Ellen met Ruth Parks, President of the National Federation of Republican Women. Ruth Parks suggested she attend the 1961 Women’s Republican National Conference.  Mary Ellen and three other women drove to Washington, D.C. to attend. At that time only Alaska and Alabama did not have a women’s federated organization. Mary Ellen made a handshake agreement with NFRW. She would work to establish a Republican Women’s Club in each of the Alabama Congressional Districts (a requirement to join NFRW) if NFRW would hold their next conference in Mobile.

Mary Ellen succeeded and they were chartered in 1962 as the Alabama Federation of Republican Women. The Alabama Federation of Republican Women attended the 12th Biennial Convention of the National Federation of Republican Women in Phoenix, Arizona on September 27, 1962. AFRW was over 1000 members strong and received two awards.

AFRW Logo Proposal FINAL.png
AFRW Logo Proposal FINAL.png

American Eagle

Adopted from the Great Seal of the United States

Quill Pen

Symbolic of the power of words, Especially as contained in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States

Ballot Box

Represents the Federation's interest in the protection and integrity of our electoral process.

Red Alabama

represents our activism in promoting the principles, objectives and policies of the Republican Party in order to make and keep Alabama red.


1962   Mary Ellen Miller

1964   Virginia Garrett

1966   Vera Younger

1968   Bobbie Ames

1970   Anna Graham

1972   Olive Spain

1976   O’Reba Weeks

1980   Joan Keet

1984   Wren McKenny

1986   Martha Foy

1992   Deanna Cox

1994   Lionel Gustafson

1996   Joyce West

2000   Sallie Bryant

2002   Rhonda Rutledge

2006   Virginia Howard

2008   Bobbie Lou Leigh

2010   Elois Zeanah

2014   Frances Taylor

2018   Vicki Bailey

2020   Britney Garner

2024 Tiffany Noel

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